Each session lasts for 90 minutes and is split into four parts. Every session is lead by a licensed sports coach and a child psychologist.

First Session

The sessions start with a team huddle. The aim is to get a feel of the group before the session, how was each one’s day, do they feel energetic or tired, what was their water intake for the day, what’s going on their mind etc.

Second Session

The session begins with easy warm up and gradually the intensity of drills increases during this one hour period. The drills are both individual and group based, encouraging the girls to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, yet listen to their bodies and find their voice in the group.

Third Session

We conclude with a cool down time and a closing team huddle. The aim of this huddle is to get them to talk about their feelings of how they experienced the session, to be able to give them encouraging feedback or critical feedback but done with a positive approach. We regularly introduce themes of relevance to the developmental stage of the girls and have an honest conversation in the group.

Fourth Session

At the end of every session we provide healthy snacks and organic juices made in our in-house open kitchen. Some of these snacks are: (a variety of) whole wheat cookies, energy bars, smoothies, etc.

The core aim of every session is to get the girls engaged in age-appropriate high intensity sports drills. These are football, basketball and athletic drills.  We mainly use drills so the entire team is involved in intense movement - together.  The objective is to either activate or enhance their physical abilities to the point of “reaching” muscle memory. 

Additionally, we ensure there is high self-awareness in each girl’s emotional and mental state. Be it a feeling of joy or frustration during or after a session, a difficult relationship in the team, we get them to voice this feeling rather than ignore or avoid it. 

We maintain a written record of each girl’s involvement in each session. When a pattern builds over a period of time we then begin to understand each girl better for us to engage with her on a meaningful level. We also keep a track of the girl’s physical progress by taking short video clips at period intervals to show them how they are developing. 

The support of parents plays a huge role in the success of our programme. We speak with parents very often on various aspects of their daughters. Every four months on a formal basis, we invite the parents of every girl for a meeting. 

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