4 - 5.5 Years

Time away from screens. Time for partly unstructured play. Our programme puts physical fun into childhood - guided by skilled professionals in a safe indoor environment. 

This toddler programme is the only programme for both, boys and girls. 

A time away from screens, loud music and endless instructions from adults. 

A time for your child to explore their physical capacity.

A session that involves engaging with children to build their motor coordination skills, agility, stamina and cognitive capacities.

The Art of Sport has designed a programme specifically keeping this in mind - for children to be free and enjoy themselves under meaningful adult supervision. 

Our programme is designed to put back fun and laughter in to their childhood in a safe yet challenging way.


This programme is 2 sessions a week. It includes:

  • Activities focused on basic motor-coordination and movement
  • Activities that focus on their cognitive capacities
  • To introduce them to a group and how to be in one
  • Fun activities that challenge your child in a way that is specific to them
  • Pure play time 


When: Tuesday and Thursday 
Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Fees: Rs.7,500 (Incl GST) a month for 8 continuous sessions.
Note: Payment must be made in full in advance.


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