Parent Toddler

For a child, the father represents the world outside of a mother’s envelope of affection. A father’s continuous presence in his child’s life adds to an environment of emotional security and positivity.

To encourage this paternal interaction, The Art of Sport has carefully crafted 12 sessions for fathers with their children. The aim of this programme is for fathers to immerse themselves in the world of their children. To play their games, to shout like how they would, to roll on the floor with them or read stories to them. A time exclusively for them - together. 

This programme is one session a week. It focuses on:

  • A meaningful experience for both, father and child
  • Basic motor-coordination and movement
  • Age-appropriate activities 
  • Story reading by fathers
  • Pure play time 


Age: For children between 3-5 years
When: Every Saturday
Start date: November 17, 2018
Time: 10:00-11:00am
Fees: Rs.9,600 for all 12 sessions (to be paid in advance)
Note: Payment must be made in full in advance.


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