6-8 Years

The Art of Sport Signature Programme

As a society we need to encourage our girls to be all that they can. Today, that includes a healthy confidence in their bodies, so that it can transfer to their work, to their relationships and to their future.

Our core programme is about the young girl’s relationships - to her peers, to her emotions and to her body.

It is delivered in an active, strength-building, skill-developing, fun format using drills and lots of positive communication.

Every child has different challenges and we keep group sizes small so that everyone can receive the quality of attention they need. 

In six-months time, a more confident, expressive, better-coordinated young girl will begin to emerge.

This programme is 2 sessions a week. It includes:

  • Fun sports drills focused on agility, stamina and endurance
  • Activities that gets them to speak and find their voice in a group
  • Team activities aimed to build confidence in a group
  • Experiential purpose-driven huddles conducted by child psychologists 

In addition, we also organise interactive art sessions, music sessions and yoga classes. 


When: Tuesday and Thursday 
Time: 4:45pm - 6pm
Fees: Rs.10,500 (Incl GST) per 8 continuous sessions.
Note: Payment must be made in full in advance.

We also take this age group on periodic farm visits. For this purpose we have tied up with a majestic farm in Mangar village of Faridabad. Our aim is to literally show these girls the food process, how fruits and vegetables grow and their relevance to our bodies. They spend half a day at the farm helping in small, fun activities like tending to the cattle, gathering dry leaves to cover the soil.


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