What goes in the making of a confident sports person? Is it brute physical excellence and skill? Is it the lengthly hours of training every day? Often, what we see is an incomplete story.

The emotional and mental progress to every girl on our programme is as important as her physical progress. In guiding them to be tougher, to show their feelings of happiness or anger, to be attentive to their emotional reasoning. We believe it is only when these various conflicting feelings are addressed can a more holistic development can emerge.

In guiding the girls to be aware of their feelings, to talk about them - this is therapeutic. This is what clears the blur from within so they can actually get to focus on what they need to.

Our entire team is sensitive to these nuances in behaviour or personality of every girl on our programme. We pride ourselves on having a meaningful relationship with the girls based on trust, security and sometimes confidentiality.

We believe life off the playing field is as important as life on the field and that both influence each other. We have carefully crafted specific activities exclusively for our programme. These are experiential activities that can help the girls become more aware of their own actions, thoughts and feelings, of having a voice in a group and interact as a team in ways that will affect them positively.

These include:

  • Consciously talk of nutrition and its link with playing
  • Visits to an organic farm – learning where food comes from
  • Group huddles to build team relationships
  • Interactive art and music sessions

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