The Mind of Sport

Playing a sport goes beyond the physical labour and skill it demands. It also involves having the right discipline, nutrition and mind-set to pursue it. We understand these nuances.


We believe life off the playing field is as important as life on the field and that both influence each other. We have carefully crafted specific activities exclusively for our programme. This is to help the girls become more aware of their own actions, thoughts and feelings, of having a voice in a group and interact as a team in ways that will affect them positively.


The overarching aim is to bring out the individual character of each girl and simultaneously to be more of a participant in the group. This will make girls more confident in a variety of social settings.


These include:

  • ‘You are what you eat’ – a focus on nutrition
  • Bi-monthly visits to organic farms – learning where food comes from
  • Interactive group huddles to build team relationships
  • Interactive art sessions
  • Fun body movement classes
  • Music with a Twist (focus on rhythm and accurate beat)

We have painstakingly created activities aimed at increasing self-awareness and events that will help our girls experience some realities of life in a positive way. We believe, that such experiences will make them more aware of their internal worlds, their external surroundings, provide them with the fundamental knowledge of a healthy relationship with food and equip them with a sense of self-belief.