Our flagship venue, The Emotion Centre, in Safdarjung Enclave is located in one of the most accessible and convenient addresses in South Delhi. Based opposite the Deer Park, the immediate area surrounding the venue has ample parking space. The Centre is purpose-built keeping young girls’ overall development in mind as a priority. It is an all-weather proof area.

The Basement:

This is over 2000sqft indoor play area designed for young girls and adults to immerse themselves in pure physical team sports drills. The floor is installed with rubberised flooring which is of international specifications. The air-conditioning duct system is covered by contemporary steel mesh design so that participants can freely kick a football without the fear of damaging the infrastructure. 

The basement is also installed with a fresh-air system with a dust filter at its entry point. This system ensures air circulation.

There is a dedicated toilet facility and provision of RO water system.

The Stilt Level:

This is the entry level to the Centre. The area is used for nannies who accompany the girls. A nanny - or didi - is an integral part of an Indian family and we take pride in giving them a dignified space that is air-conditioned, provision for water and a convenient toilet facility. 

The Social Room:

Designed keeping in mind the accompanying parent, grandparent or family member. The Social Room comprises a large communal table, an extensive book shelf and an open-plan kitchen. We want family members to be able relax in this space, to order their tea or French-press coffee. The area is intentionally kept quiet for reading or working or general catch up between two. The only music playing is soft jazz in the background. 

We have an exclusive tie-up with Early Learning Village pre-school in Gurgaon. We supervise the physical education sessions of all the students from 2-4 years. Our team is trained to be sensitive to their gradual development. We focus on building their basic motor coordination, hand-eye and hand-feet coordination. We also liaise with the School on our observation of each child's development.

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