Richard Paiva


I believe that sport, if taught with proper guidance and technique, moulds a person’s character in a positive way and is the source of many positive values in life. I have played sport at competitive levels, with a particular passion for football. I owe much to my football coach who, when I was nine years old not only noticed my potential to play the game well, but also instilled in me the technical knowledge to improve constantly.

It is this drive to learn the sport in a manner that is technically correct, as well as enjoyable that has inspired us to start The Art of Sport.

The discipline I cultivated on the field also carried over to my learning about the importance of good eating habits, in order to excel at any sport. It is this discipline, as well, we intend to instil in our girls at The Art of Sport.

I can confidently tell all parents that their daughters, whatever their current level of interest in sport, will not only learn and enjoy what we offer in a professional and safe environment, but will also grow to realise their potential, on and off the field.

Nupur Dhingra Paiva

Founder & Consultant Child Psychologist

Children have a sense of pride in being able to make their bodies do something – walk, jump, climb, run, catch – seemingly small achievements which add up to build confidence. And confidence is transferable from field to classroom to friendships.

Its not so much what you say to your children but what you do with them that will remain with them as deep impressions. Unfortunately our schools and sadly us parents, under pressure from it all, spend a lot of time focussing on children’s heads and less in the confidence that can come from using the rest of the body – whether to dance, run or play.

Having worked with children and families as a clinical psychologist for over a decade and having been retrained, to some extent, by our own two daughters, I have a privileged view into the working of children’s minds and other capacities. The theme throughout my professional work has been on helping parents to understand their children’s verbal and non-verbal communications in order to strengthen their bond.

I bring this relational focus to The Art of Sport with an emphasis on fathers and daughters, team and coach and the bond that team members make with each other.

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