Dissatisfied with the lack of professionally run sports training for our own daughters, we decided to start our own programme.


We found that all too often, the emphasis was on hard physical training without attention to the mental and nutritional aspects. There was also little awareness about individual differences in children’s personalities, gender and backgrounds, which means that coaching was being delivered in a one-size-fits-all manner.


In India, gender changes everything. From an early age, girls are encouraged to restrain their physical exuberance, cover their bodies, minimize their presence in most spaces and hold themselves back from an honest expression of energy, mind and emotion.


The Art of Sport comes in to fill this gap.


We focus on the potential health and energy that young girls can have access to through a physical sport. We use a team sport as a catalyst for this process. By using football, we ensure that young girls learn the discipline and skill of a sport, the emotional support of belonging to a team and the joy of feeling effective through a use of their limbs.