What is The Art of Sport?


We are a team of skilled instructors and professionals focused on the overall development of young girls between the ages 5-11years, through sport.

Our purpose is to build and enhance the confidence of girls by using sport and group activities as a medium. We conduct our sessions through football drills and interactive group huddles.


Why The Art of Sport for your daughter?


If you want your daughter to gain experiences she will never learn in a classroom, then The Art of Sport is where you need to send her.

At first glance Anjali was the quintessential non-sport playing girl – overweight, shy, uncertain about taking a risk but she really wanted to play football. Ten sessions later, Anjali can run up and kick a football with strength, she is nimble on her feet and an active participant in the group – talking, dancing and leading. By noticing her interactions with food we have understood what may be contributing to her weight gain. Her parents were relieved that we were looking out for her too. As Anjali becomes more confident about her motor coordination, her body image will improve and she will want to take better care of herself. The Art of Sport is committed to this process.


To nurture girls, through sports, for a better future of our society.


Our methods are responsive, interactive and holistic. Our core strength is observation and attention to detail.


We notice every child, everything they say and do and maintain a written profile on every child’s progress. This makes our sessions responsive, fun and age appropriate.


We research and combine learning from different areas – sport, education, theatre and psychology.